Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gramatik ( ) will be showing and performing at the Agora Theatre and Ballroom (5000 Euclid Avenue, in Cleveland, Ohio) on Sunday, April 6th. This concert is in support of his latest release, The Age of Reason. Torture is one of the singles on the album that distinguishes Gramatik from other performers, while Brave Man (featuring Eskobars) is a tremendous track that rivals prog-rock in terms of sheer epic feel. Gramatik’s music transcends genre distinctions, ensuring that any fan of EDM, trip-hop, trance, and solid tunes will find something that they can appreciate. Bluestep is grungy while having an electronic sheen, describing New York City (Gramatik’s stomping grounds) perfectly.

Openers for Gramatik include Russ Liquid, Gibbz, and Branx. The show has been put together by the Agora and Cumulus Entertainment – . Individuals that want to go to the show can purchase tickets from for $17.68. Make sure to get there nice and early, as the show will be absolutely packed before the openers get done with their sets.  Aside from Gramatik’s official Facebook, visit his Soundcloud ( ) for a number of tracks – by cueing up what Gramatik has placed live, one will have a great idea of some of the cuts that will ultimately make it into Gramatik’s set. Gramatik’s live dates include April 17th in Nashville, Tennessee, April 18th at the Pageant in Saint Louis, Missouri, and April 19th at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado.

Doors for the show start opening at 7:00 PM. Visit the Agora’s website at for additional information about the concert and directions to the venue.