Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Simon Adams S/T EP Review

A Beautiful Way is a perfectly polish track that showcases equal amounts of Adam’s soulful vocals and intricate compositions. Hints of Coldplay, Jason Mraz, and The Wallflowers can all be discerned as influences during this introductory track. Our Man is a track that looks back to the work of Blur and James. while keeping things fresh and interesting. This track combines with A Beautiful Way to showcase that beautiful instrumentation can exist alongside gorgeous and lush vocals. Adams’ vocals pull double duty here in that they provide additional nuance to the underlying composition.

Born to Change The World slows things down while the guitar and vocals unite to make a touching and sweetly emotive effort. The arrangements on this track are still as dense and detailed as they have been on the first half of the EP, but Adams is able to imbue them with a quieter overall sound. This keeps listeners interested as they move into the EP’s final track, Point and Shoot. Point and Shoot has an instrumental echo that provides additional highlighting to Adams’ vocals. His tenor during the track approaches that of Everclear or Maroon 5. The track is dynamic and provides a number of twists and turns before it ultimately spins to a close. These four tracks can be enjoyed alone but grant listeners considerably more when they are experienced as a cohesive unit.

Here’s to hoping that Simon Adams is able to build off of the trends and sounds encountered on this EP for a full-length release. I feel that Adams has so much more to say, and that this EP represents a brief taste to entice listeners.

Top Tracks: A Beautiful Way, Born to Change The World

Rating: 8.6/10
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