Monday, April 28, 2014


Having spent the past few months on both a U.K. and U.S. headlining tour, New York City’s very own SKATERS have announced that they will hit the road for a series of radio concerts and headlining shows. 

SKATERS have been touring in support of their debut album Manhattan, which was released by Warner Bros. Records on February 25th.

Manhattan has already attracted glowing reviews:

“Josh Hubbard provides layered guitar chords that are more waves of sound than riffs, adding to the feeling of isolation. Meanwhile, Michael Ian Cummings’ detached voice adds another element of frost, further referencing the band’s post-punk influences.”


“The mod-rockers combine The Strokes ragged melodies, hints of 2tone’s checkerboard tempo swings and Britpop’s hooligan smirk, plus new Wave’s baritone strut and hardcore’s sprint; the result reverberates with unbridled energy.”

 Electronic Musician Magazine

“A band with the garage revivalist instincts and lo-fi cool to finally bring guitars back into fashion.” — NME (UK)

Click here to watch the video for their song “Miss Teen Massachusetts.”

In other news, SKATERS  guitarist Josh Hubbard is one of the co-curators of new art installation under the banner of “It’s An Invasion,” hosted by The National Arts Club in New York City, which premiered last night in Manhattan and will run through May 10th. For further details click here.


SKATERS upcoming tour dates are as follows:

4/29       NYC    “It’s An Invasion” Art Show  - The National Arts Club  – see details below

5/11       Baltimore Radio show   HFS Cheap Date @ Ram’s Head Live

5/14       Columbus, OH                   The Basement w/ CD102.5 presenting the low dough show

5/15       Nashville, TN                     The Basement – 2nd of 3 bands. Local punk show

5/16       Atlanta, GA                         Drunken Unicorn

5/17       St. Petersburg, FL             97X BBQ

5/20       Austin, TX                            Stubb¹s

5/21       Dallas, TX ­                            Dada

5/24       Tucson, AZ                           KFMA Day at Kino Sports Complex

5/26       Los Angeles                        Chris Douridas’ School Night @ Bardot

5/28       Santa Barbara, CA            Velvet Jones

5/29       Santa Ana, CA                    Constellation Room

5/30       Chula Vista, CA                 91X San Diego XFEST

6/1         Mountain View, CA         Shoreline Amphitheatre / BFD Live105 Show




Grand Gallery – It’s an Invasion – April 28 – May 10
Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 29, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM


To invade is to overwhelm, to take by storm. Bacteria invade a human cell, an emotion overwhelms, the chemicals in a rocket can’t take the pressure so they explode through air – it’s an invasion. It’s An Invasion, a group show curated by Kelsey Bennett, Joshua Hubbard, and Lele Saveri will include works by young artists who live and create in New York. The works in the show will reflect disturbance and agitation: a city, a person, an object, a belief, a relationship, or a feeling.  It’s An Invasion is an ode to the idea that after introducing one thing to another, those two things will never be the same. The show will pay homage to New York City’s creative melting pot by including works by artists who have migrated here from places around the world. The New York-based band SKATERS will perform at the opening night reception.



Much more SKATERS news to be announced shortly. Until then, go to: