Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chromeo White Women CD Review

White Women is an amazing retro-tinged album that is strong from beginning to end; Sexy Socialite is the perfect example of a track that will immediately fill dance floors, while Over Your Shoulder keeps things hopping despite having a much more contemplative arrangement. While listeners may be familiar with the tracks that have be released to this point (Sexy Socialite, Lost On The Way Home), the album’s remaining efforts are absolutely stellar and merit repeat listens.


The features that are present on White Women are some of the best-fitting and most well thought-out; Toro Y Moi spins things into an entirely new realm with his contributions to Come Alive, while Solange’s vocals firmly plant this track in a late eighties / early nineties groove. Play The Fool takes hints of Madonna’s Dress You Up and links in a solid narrative; this tale of love and lost showcases all the beauty of the mid-eighties and re-contextualizes it for the contemporary period. Fall Back 2U, White Women’s final track, showcases the fact that Chromeo will not let their listeners take a breath.

Chromeo has been one of the most consistent bands over their career, but I feel as if White Women will be the album that gets the average music fan to pay attention. For those that have been listening to Chromeo since Needy Girl, White Women is a further evolution, an album that showcases two individuals that have fully realized their vision. Make sure to see Chromeo on their latest tour dates; the frenetic energy that is present on this title is only likely to be increased in a live setting.

Top Tracks: Lost On The Way Home, Jealous (I Ain’t With It)

Rating: 9.7/10