Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blackbeard's Breakfast (Heavy Seas)

Heavy Seas has continually innovated and created beers that are world class in their respective style while having them pegged at a price point that is approachable for the average person. Blackbeard’s Breakfast, their Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Porter, may just be the best Heavy Seas effort we have tasted. The brewery utilizes coffee from Chesapeake Bay Roasters to add a further layer of depth to Blackbeard’s Breakfast; the initial sip is able to showcase roasted malt, strong coffee and chocolate undertones, and a bit of sharpness from the time spent in bourbon barrels. The porter pours with a dark-brown to black coloration and with a fair amount of tannish head that sticks around for a decent length of time. 

As one continues their Blackbeard’s Breakfast experience, additional flavors are picked up. This means that bits of molasses, vanilla, licorice, and espresso all add to the considerable chorus of tastes that initially are showcased. The high ABV and good malt presence means that the beer is tremendously stable as it approaches room temperature; Blackbeard’s Breakfast may conclude in a very different place than where it began, but the stability of the porter remains. This is neat, orderly, and goes down in an easy fashion.

We have reviewed a few Heavy Seas efforts in the past, including Red Sky at Morning ,  Smooth SailBlack CannonWinter Storm and The Great’er Pumpkin . Check out their main domain for more information about the full year-round and seasonal offerings from Heavy Seas, while a visit over to their social media profiles showcases new product releases and vents. For a limited time, check your local beer store and pick up your own 22 ounce bottle of Blackbeard’s Breakfast. It goes down as easy as your beginning meal of the day.

Rating: 9.8/10

(Heavy Seas) / 10% ABV / / / / / /

Blackbeard's Breakfast (Heavy Seas)

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