Monday, July 18, 2016

Modern Music Promotion Methods Are More Important Than Traditional Techniques

The evolution of the internet changed everything, including how music is promoted. Artists that had no chance in the past are now becoming popular because they know how to spread their music around the world. We are no longer faced with local restrictions and the need to have huge investment budgets simply does not appear anymore. Since it is so simple these days to record music at home or in studios, the internet completes the experience and leads towards many new artists that we would have never heard of before.

The Power Of YouTube

If we were to talk about just one website that changed music promotion forever, it needs to be YouTube. Every single person in the world can open a channel and upload videos with them singing. Rod Stewart was discovered while he was singing for money in a subway station. Nowadays he would upload videos on YouTube. As an example, Liliana Martin’s Corpo Fado is better known by people from other countries because of the video site.

The great thing about this video sharing social network is the fact that it can also help artists that are well-known as it introduces them to a wider audience. While the disadvantage of such a website is the fact that people do not buy music albums anymore, the awareness created is more than enough to warrant concerts and get more people to see live performances. It is also helpful to showcase remixes and special features that would promote music albums and live gigs even faster.

Social Networks

The appearance of social networks like Facebook and Twitter played a huge role in modern music promotion. The simple fact that people can share the songs that they like on the social networks is enough to allow the appearance of a different audience. Friends of those that share will take a look at the songs and will want to see what the song is about when it is recommended. This is basically an advanced form of word of mouth marketing, one that requires literally no budget.

Music promotion companies, record labels and the artists themselves all have social network profiles. They arrange live interactive sessions with fans and so much more. It is not at all difficult to reach that brand new audience and increase the success of an album thanks to social networks. The large labels even run expensive marketing campaigns on the internet with a large social media component.

Mobile Gadget Use

Since there are app developers that can create anything you want in terms of bespoke software, record labels are now offering mobile phone access to people that want to listen to or buy new music. We also have many other apps that help you to discover music, making it easier to promote songs and albums to people while they are not even at home.

On the whole, modern music promotion no longer relies on TV ads and regular word of mouth marketing. The evolution of the internet made it so easy for people to be known.

Modern Music Promotion Methods Are More Important Than Traditional Techniques

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