Thursday, July 7, 2016

Eddy Bayes - Motionless

Motionless, the latest single by Nashville’s Eddy Bayes, immediately draws listeners in. The intimate opening gradually opens up into a folk and Americana-inspired sound. Bayes is able to make a deep and voluminous composition with little more than his vocals and guitar.

Motionless is a track that builds off of the work of Dave Matthews and John Mayer while keep listeners interested through a raw passion that is weaved effortlessly through the narrative. Instrumental and lyrical sides unite to make one of the most effecting tracks we have heard this year. An equally-adept production to Motionless means that the disparate elements of the composition unite to make something greater than the sum of their constituent parts while continuing to impress when fans place a critical eye on each unit.

Eddy Bayes’ Motionless is a song that opens up more with subsequent listens. While fans will be able to enjoy the effort driving around or allowing it to play in the background, those that can strap on a good pair of headphones will be able to pick out so many additional twists and turns on their third, fifth, or even tenth listen. It is this dedication to detail that separates Eddy Bayes from the rest of the performers attempting to break it big with a singer-songwriter approach. Making something that works equally well no matter where one may be in life or what music they may appreciate, Bayes is a bright spot in a genre that is stuffed with hundreds of performers. We’ll be awaiting more music from Eddy; I hope a full-length album will showcase the same sort of brilliant instrumentation and desire to shatter genre constraints as this introductory effort does. For more information about this performer, give his main domain or Facebook a spin; samples of his music can be located at his Bandcamp and SoundCloud profiles.

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Eddy Bayes - Motionless

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