Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sour Apricot (Dry Dock)

Sour beers have not typically been perceived as a go-to drinking sort of beer, but Dry Dock’s Sour Apricot is something that can be enjoyed through the hottest days of summer. The sharpness of the tart element is immediately noticeable, but there is a solid amount of wheat that acts as a backdrop here. The presence of lactobacillus in this brew adds a more mild sour element than is typically present with a number of sour-themed efforts that we have received, and I feel that the decision to include this bacteria over other varietals adds a considerably unique flavor to Dry Dock’s latest.

What ultimately comes forth here is something that is thirst-quenching and palette-cleansing. The slight bit of hop bitterness that is included in Sour Apricot adds further dimensions to the brew; the bit of mouth-puckering aspect experienced here keeps things bright and lively from the beginning to the ending of a can. There is a certain depth to the flavors that are experienced here that make it incredibly easy to drink a few cans of Sour Apricot and continue to find different twists and turns that Dry Dock has included here. Sour Apricot is able to keep its overall flavor profile consistent from the beginning to the ending of each glass; the crispness and dryness of Sour Apricot makes it a great pairing with creamy cheeses and strongly-flavored cuisines.

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Dry Dock’s Sour Apricot is available year-round from the brewery on draft and in 12 ounce cans.

Sour Apricot (Dry Dock) / 5.0% ABV / 17 IBU / / / /

Sour Apricot (Dry Dock)

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