Monday, July 25, 2016

K. - Disoriented (Close Your Eyes)

Disoriented, from New York City’s K., immediately ramps up the momentum. Hard dance beats and ethereal vocals do a tremendous job in uniting 1990s and current forms of dance music, all while crafting a track in Disoriented (Close Your Eyes) that will get listeners out on the dance floor. Twinkling synths push K.’s vocals to a higher plateau; the effortless shifting from pop to dance and back again means that Disoriented should garner large amounts of radio/video play. The drop that splits the track allows for K. to build the energy back up while spinning the song in a slightly different fashion. Disoriented is an effort that we’ll be playing throughout the end of the year. / /


K. – Disoriented (Close Your Eyes)

K. - Disoriented (Close Your Eyes)

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