Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Candy Club

There are a number of different monthly subscription boxes that are available for people to purchase. Some of them are used to provide information to store owners what upcoming products that can be stocked in supermarkets, while others have a specific focus to them. Candy Club is a company that looks to provide individuals with an arsenal of otherwise hard to find candy. We are lucky enough to receive 1 month of Candy Club; I love the idea. The different candy products that was available this time included Butterfields peach flavored hard candies, gummy bears, and sour candy belts which provide a great amount of variety for people purchasing the box.


Candy Club places a number of their included products in plastic jars with a metal lid. These are great inclusions for individuals that like having attractive looking tins, but there was a little issue with the freshness of the loose candies. The Candy Club premise is an excellent one – that there will be a considerably different constellation of candies every month should be enough evidence for individuals to purchase a 1 or 6 month subscription to the service; one would only need to stretch out the candy supplies to weeks (we had everything devoured within about two weeks at NeuFutur headquarters).


Our recommendation for Candy Club is to shift to a single serve packaging for their inclusions – it would shift the cost from the company to the candy producers. While the other products – the jelly beans and the hard candies – were absolutely perfect the gummy bears were a minor issue that the company will hopefully be able to rectify in future boxes.


Rating: 8.0/10

Candy Club / $24.99 | monthly /