Monday, October 6, 2014

2Four & DJ Majestik Intergalactic EP Review

Lockdown features Charlie Rose is a perfect blend of hard-nosed EDM and club-ready R&B. The tracks’ production is at such a point that a DJ could easily sneak it into a set alongside major-label performers while still keeping the momentum and energy high. Charlie Rose’s vocals are a blend of Gorilla Zoe and The Game while still possessing a unique quality that pushes the track to an entirely new plateau. Intergalactic’s titular track allows a very cogent and coherent narrative to be created with the instrumental arrangements. When the vocals kick in (linking together Kid Cudi and A$ap Rocky), the track is spun off into an entirely new direction. The track is a funky, stoney composition that will insert its tendrils deep into the mind and psyche of anyone fortunate enough to listen.Intergalactic-large-cd-cover

Way Too Fly speeds things up considerably, providing fans with a sense that both vocals and instrumentation can hang even at this break-neck pace. As the track hurtles to its climax, different influences and styles provide additional momentum to bring listeners to the end of the release. The EP concludes with Live It Up, a song that builds off of the goodwill that was first presented during Lockdown. The hardstyle meets industrial trappings of this final hurrah still possesses the same radio-friendly demeanor. This effort gives listeners some semblance of where 2Four & DJ Majestik will ultimately go in subsequent releases. One can listen to the release on The Real 2Four’s Soundcloud, while the Facebook will provide additional news and information as it comes up.

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Top Tracks: Way Too Fly, Lockdown

Rating: 8.8/10

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