Monday, October 27, 2014

Canary Burton Bird Song Review

Bird Song is the latest effort from Canary Burton, and it is one of the best albums we have heard this year. The One & Future Star has a wonderful opening that gradually expands into something that could be present in a Tim Burton film; there are so many things happening (And not happening) with the effort that listeners will continue to find new twists and turns after a fifth or a sixth listen.


Early in the Morning is a track that begins in a very classical, choral way before gradually adding more current and contemporary vocal harmonies; the ability of Burton to make fresh what had been ignored is a talent that shines through at a number of points during Bird Song; Nightfall in the City is another example. The slower, more emotional tack taken during this effort allows botht he instrumentation and the vocals to further a cogent and coherent narrative.

Raggity Three Step is another gem amongst precious stones, allowing the piano ample opportunity to shine; the complexity of the arrangement here showcases a level of mastery that is comparable to those exhibited in a symphony. Bird Song is an album that showcases a varied set of influences, stylistic decisions, and overall sound to each of the album’s compositions that represent the idiosyncracies of Burton; the tracks are crafted with such care that Bird Song will continue to be spun even after repeat listens. Bird Song is available for purchase from Burton directly; make it a point to visit his domain for more information about his concerts, resume, and samples from Bird Song.

Top Tracks: Early in the Morning, Nightfall in the City

Rating: 8.6/10

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