Monday, October 27, 2014

Leonino Naked Tunes CD Review

I Think We Should Be Friends is the first track on Naked Tunes, and the effort provides listeners with a blend of styles that ties the track into the eighties (Pet Shop Boys), nineties (Julian Lennon, George Michaels) and something more current and contemporary (Robin Thicke). The presence of the guitar and strings during I Think We Should Be Friends provides additional complexity to the initial strains of Naked Tunes.


My Love Will Set You Free is an effort that is very emotional and alluring, with a very mature, Enrique Iglesias meets singer-songwriter sound that makes for an easily-digestible and supremely fulfilling track. How Many Times Did You Save My Soul features Argenis Brito begins the second half of Naked Tunes, and it has an epic quality to it that will have the vocal harmonies resounding loud in listeners’ minds long after the track (and the CD) ceases to spin.

Down by the River is soulful and more than a hint funky, the sand-swept vocals of Leonino provide the perfect counterpoint for the lush instrumentation, while the spot-on production of Naked Tunes ensures that each constituent element of Leonino is granted equal chance to shine. Naked Tunes is available from the Hueso Records website, which contains a number of samples of Leonino’s music. The cheerful disposition that is present in a great number of the songs on Naked Tunes mask substantive lyrics and intricate interplay between the instruments and Leonino’s vocals. This disc has legs and will be a perfect inclusion in one’s car or lounge for months to come.

Top Tracks: I Think We Should Be Friends, How Many Times Did You Save My Soul

Rating: 8.4/10

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