Monday, October 27, 2014

Snyder's of Hanover Oktoberfest pretzels

Pretzels are quite possibly the most divine snack food for those nights when individuals have friends over. They are great alone, with beer, or any other sort of soft drink. The Oktoberfest pretzels that Snyder’s of Hanover are currently selling give a little more oomph to the average pretzels that are on the market. One is able to have considerable body to the pretzels with just the right amount of salt to provide nuanced flavors to anyone fortunate enough to be near a bag.


Remember that this is a seasonal product and that Snyder’s of Hanover will likely remove these from shelves after the Oktoberfest season completes, so stockpile a few boxes before they fly off the shelves of your local supermarket. I personally like the thicker more fulfilling pretzels that the company has provided here when compared to the federal pretzel rods or pretzel sticks that are commonly available.

Rating: 9.0/10

Snyder’s of Hanover Oktoberfest pretzels /

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