Friday, October 10, 2014

Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru


Samuel Adams has a commercial that showcases the sheer variety of offerings that they provide. I did not believe I would see a sour effort from Samuel Adams but they have provided one that hangs with some of the heavy weights in the style. The beer is available on draft and there were a number of different nights throughout the United States that allowed people to become familiar with this new beer. Simply put where Samuel Adams succeeds with some of their more challenging efforts is where they have succeeded yet again with this current offering. It beer possesses a nice tartness and a decent set of sour notes while still being positively quaffable. I feel that the beer would represent a great introduction for those individuals that are more familiar with Sam Adams Boston Lager then they would be with a seasonal product like Merry Maker. I contend that despite their current position as 1 of Americas biggest microbreweries is that Samuel Adams has never lost their sense of experimentation, where the tendency for other long term breweries have been to rest on their laurels. Kosmic Mother Funk sticks the landing with this effort. Make sure to locate it wherever it is available – week 5 (until October 19th) will have tastings available in Dallas, while 10/20-10/26 week makes KMF accessible to imbibers in the Philadelphia and Washington DC markets.

Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru / 6.4% ABV / /

Rating: 8.7/10