Monday, October 13, 2014

Greektown Casino Hotel

We were up in Detroit, Michigan this last weekend and we received a room at the Greektown Casino and Hotel. We have been to the Greektown Casino a number of times as it is one of our favorite locations to go in Detroit. We have never had the opportunity however to go and spend a night at the casino’s attached hotel. We received one of the deluxe king accommodations on the 21st floor. The room was very ornate from the glass enclosed shower to the Keurig K-Cup machine and the mini bar in the room. The rates for the mini bar were comparable to those at a downtown Detroit bar. 2-Greektown

The mini bar was stocked with non-alcoholic options as well as candy bars which provided considerable availability for the late night crowd to stay in. I was able to attend the fitness room on the 7th floor which had more than enough in the way of machines to provide one with a solid workout no matter whether they like CrossFit or traditional weighted workouts. The entry into the casino is absolutely gorgeous with a number of clerks that will rapidly provide you with your room and any sort of other requirements that you may have. For example our room did not have a microwave in it but one quick call to the front desk and we had a microwave in our room within 10 minutes. The great thing about the Greektown Casino and Gotel is that there is little more than a elevator ride down to the gaming floors. The casino itself has a number of dining options but we are definitely focused on the gaming options that were present.2413847_29_z

While we are big fans of the penny slot machines there are a considerable amount of higher stakes slot machines, games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps that had considerable levels of betting available to say nothing of the high stakes room that is present. A quick step out from the lobby provided us with a number of different dining and retail locations. We were at the casino the night before the morning of a Detroit Lions game and the Greektown Casino possessed enough in the way of games and tables that one could easily find a spot for themselves. While Detroit is a favorite location all of us at NeuFutur we think that going and getting a room at the Greektown Casino and Hotel is an easy way to have a fun night at the tables and the machines, while one looks at the various entertainment acts that the place provides and experiencing the wide variety of different restaurants and other area attractions will make for a trip that simply cannot be beat.

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