Friday, October 10, 2014

Cole Washburn Traveler’s Moon EP Review

Traveler’s Moon is a tremendously introspective and heartfelt release that is crafted with the utmost care. Anastasia is a soft and sedate track that links together indie rock and country traditions. The instrumentation that is utilized in this track is as rich as the dual part harmony is presented. The specific array of styles and approaches that are presented listeners on Beautiful to Me showcases the depth and breadth of Washburn’s influences, with subtle nods made to the sixties singer-songwriter tradition. The song soars into something haunting, with vocals and instrumentation shining throughout. It is really during Beautiful to Me that Washburn’s vocals reach that next plateau, as the guitar and percussive elements provide the perfect backdrop on which they may lay.

Head Above The Water is an effort that looks back into seventies country and desert rock styles, utilizing a steel guitar to provide a unique and distinctive style. The track speeds up and adds a banjo into the mix; what results with this track is something that works perfectly in the aforementioned past as well as a Darius Rucker-led present. Ol Will Brown is a quaint track that blends together Elton John, Billy Joel, and Randy Newman in a funky, fun package – the narrative quality of Washburn’s vocals here will stick with listeners long after the album ceases to spin.

Make sure to visit Washburn’s website for more information about Traveler’s Moon and live tour dates; this EP is something that provides listeners with a good sense of whom Washburn is while creating tracks that can be enjoyed for months after the album is purchased.

Top Tracks: Beautiful to Me, Head Above The Water

Rating: 8.6/10

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