Monday, October 20, 2014

THANATOS launches new track, "Global Purification" 



2014 marks the 30th anniversary of THANATOS and the release of their new album, Global Purification! Containing 10 tracks of exterminating death/thrash metal with razor-sharp riffs, hateful vocals, outspoken lyrics and a clear yet brutal production by Dan Swanö, Global Purification will be unleashed on November 17th via Century Media Records.

For another preview of Global Purification, be sure to check out the previously released track, “Feeding The War Machine”:

Global Purification track-listing:

1. Global Purification

2. The Murder Of Innocence

3. Infestation Of The Soul

4. Queen Of Gore

5. Nothing Left

6. World Jihad

7. The Demonized Minority

8. Feeding The War Machine

9. Blood Will Be Spilled

10. Bastion Of Blasphemy

THANATOS line-up:

Stephan Gebédi – vocals, guitars

Paul Baayens – guitars

Marco de Bruin – bass

Yuri Rinkel – drums


Nov. 15, 2014–Scream Bloody Scum Fest–Scum, Katwijk (NL) (unofficial CD-release-party)

Dec. 13, 2014–Eindhoven Metal Meeting–Effenaar, Eindhoven (NL)

Jan. 10, 2015–Turock-Essen (Germany)

THANATOS online: