Monday, October 27, 2014

R.I.C.E The Proof No Religion Single Review

R.I.C.E The Proof is an artist that looks to completely place written and spoken poetry on its ear with No Religion. No Religion is a track thatstraddles rap and slam poetry while having all of the nuance and gravity of some of the most storied performers. The light amount of instrumentation that is present on No Religion provides a backdrop that provides highlighting for the relevant sections of R.I.C.E The Proof’s performance.


The track is able to shine brightly while still having some minor room for improvement. The lyrical content and the sample that is utilized during No Religion is beyond reproach, but greater care taken in mastering the vocals would make for a stronger effort. Make sure to visit any of R.I.C.E The Proof’s varied social media profiles to provide support and to see what sort of tack he will take on subsequent releases. For our first experience with the performer, we were absolutely floored – there is maturity and complexity in droves during No Religion that will stick around for a long time after the track completes. Make it a point to visit the Youtube link below for the full version of No Religion and let us know what you think of R.I.C.E The Proof’s effort.

Rating: 8.5/10

R.I.C.E The Proof No Religion / 2014 Self / 3:02 / / / / /