Monday, October 27, 2014

Organized Mess Topography CD Review

Kansas City’s Organized Mess have just released their latest album, Topography. Glass Shards utilizes an interesting time signature to imbue the track with a distinct sound that resounds loudly through the reminder of the disc. The track links together Defiance, Ohio and The Devil Is Electric with a very approachable and radio-friendly alternative / emotive rock style. The violin solo that links together the two sides of Glass Shards keeps the momentum high and allows Organized Mess to move through Topography with the greatest of ease.

Love and the Sea builds off of the work of Death Cab For Cutie and Bright Eyes to have a more emotionally dynamic and eclectic effort; the instrumental side pushes the vocal side to an entirely new plateau, all while the band issues forth a sound that is catchy and intense, intricate but fun. Salt in the Water is our favorite effort on Topography because of the more laid back sound that the band cultivates during the track’s three-plus minute run time. The piano line that is present during this track links together Ben Folds with the vocal duality of The Anniversary. The free-form jazz influence that weighs in on the track showcases the sheer amount of tools that Organized Mess has in their repertoire; one has to wonder where the band will take their listeners on subsequent recordings after Topography ceases.

Topography is available from CDBaby; the Organized Mess website contains a large amount of information about the band, a set of their tour dates, and samples of music from Topography.

Top Tracks: Love and the Sea , Salt in the Water

Rating: 8.3/10

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