Friday, October 17, 2014

Southern Comfort Gingerbread Spice

There are a number of different seasonal offerings that are provided by alcohol companies, and these range from delectable to deplorable. It just makes sense that the companies want to get the largest possible market share for themselves while creating stellar product line expansions. Over the course of the last few years Southern Comfort has looked to really redefine what spirits can do and what sort of flavors they can approach. The gingerbread spice varietal of Southern Comfort is the company’s latest expansion, and it does enough to the overall Southern Comfort flavor to go and really excite fans of the original spirit.soco-gingerbread-spice


This means there is a delightfully warm burn present every time one takes a shot or sips Southern Comfort Gingerbread Spice while subsequent notes provide imbibers with the gingerbread flavor. This mild but still present shift and notes and flavors of Southern Comfort means that mixed drinks utilizing the spirit will be given a nice zing. If you do a SoCo Amaretto Lime for example the provision of Southern Comfort gingerbread spice creates a complexity to the overall flavor profile that will make for a unforgettable night. Southern Comfort Gingerbread Spice is available through the fall and winter of this year. Make sure you look for it at your local liquor or state store and expect to pay about 12 dollars per bottle; it will only be on the shelves for a limited time.

Rating: 8.6/10

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