Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cyclops Rechargeable Revo 900 LED Hand Held Spotlight

We were able to go camping for the first time in my life a few months ago and everything seemed to be great. The one thing that we did not anticipate was to have a flashlight or other light emitting source. This meant that whenever we went to the bathroom or had to conduct any business between different tents we were quite literally in the dark. Sure, most current generation smartphones have a flashlight application but the lights that they provide is very weak, the app may contain spyware, and is not able to illuminate pitch black conditions. We received a Revo 900 lantern from Cyclops yesterday and are pleased to announce that it is able to charge up in the space of a few hours. The lantern created 935 lumens for up to 68 minutes of burn time, due to the two Luxeon LED’s in the front of the spotlight.


From there I was able to go out in the dark, click on the lantern, and be able to see precisely what was going on even in the most inky conditions. That company has provided multiple chargers for this lantern to ensure that purchasers always have the ability to go and have a charge to their device. There is the normal wall charger, a rapid charger but there is also a car charger that is provided. While the design I love the lantern is very traditional I feel that it is the most intuitive and easy to use device for the widest swath of users. This means that someone that is 4, 44, or 84 should be able to eliminate whatever dark situation that they might find themselves. The Revo 900’s car charger provided is high quality but one needs to remember that the car charger is a slower method of providing a charge to the lantern. One at a shop, is camping, or has any sort of business during any pitch black night would do well to purchase their own Revo 900.

Rating: 9.0/10

Cyclops Rechargeable Revo 900 LED Hand Held Spotlight / CYC-X900H / /

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