Friday, October 10, 2014

Zookeeper's New LP Available For Pre-Order on Count Your Lucky Stars

Count Your Lucky Stars will release the long-awaited new LP from Zookeeper, which is the solo project of Chris Simpson, best known for his work fronting Mineral and The Gloria Record. The label will release Zookeeper’s sophomore LP, Pink Chalk, on October 14th. The LP is now available for Pre-Order.

You can now stream Pink Chalk in its entirety exclusively on Brooklyn Vegan.

Zookeeper’s triumphant return shouldn’t be overshadowed by the reunion of ringleader/frontman Chris Simpson’s legendary project Mineral- a band who played a pivotal role in bringing emo into the mainstream in the mid to late nineties. Indeed, the two are very different animals, and while Mineral may bask in the warm wave of nostalgia, Zookeeper is still Simpson’s most evocative and mature outlet. So, don’t go looking for any rehashing here, Zookeeper is not Mineral or The Gloria Record. Instead, Zookeeper is Simpson’s most ambitious vehicle yet- full of space, patience, maturity and painted by piano, guitar, lap steel, horns, and mournful, delicate vocals that will likely garner comparisons to Neutral Milk Hotel, Belle and Sebastian, and Wilco than any mid-nineties emo band. Zookeeper is strong enough to be the new staple in your record collection.