Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rob Garza Of Thievery Corporation Shares ODESZA Remix

Following the success of his U.R. ART festival series and an extensive summer DJ’ing, Rob Garza unveils his latest remix.

Taking on the big room pop track “Say My Name” by ODESZA, Rob has delivered one of these most hypnotic remixes to date.

In Rob’s own words -

“I really dig this track by ODESZA. Zyra’s vocals have this very cool imaginative wonder. I wanted to keep the feeling of the original while augmenting it with a deep spaced out disco vibe.”

The remix can be streamed here on soundcloud.


A download to the “Say My Name” remix is available below, please do not share this link on any social media of web publications.


If that was enough, wrap your ears around Rob Garza’s “Out of Body Workshop” mix.
That can stream that via Thump now.