Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Annie B's Caramels

There is a sense among firms selling chocolate caramels that a perfect sort of flavor has been found, decreasing the potential of new products to come through in a bold fashion. Annie B’s dedication to doing candy right while providing their own unique flair means that they are able to impart a considerable depth to their products. This is why we were excited when we received a few pounds of Annie B’s caramels (housed in a sturdy tin) which are very possibly the best caramels that we have ever tasted. The chocolate utilized in the base caramel is sweet with just enough in the way of savory and chewy to create something that is well-balanced.

The additional flavors that are included in the tin, chosen from the variety that the company offers, are enough to provide considerable depth to the base flavor. We were particularly a fan of the raspberry variety of these caramels which had just enough in the way of tartness to provide a chiaroscuro of lighter sour and darker, richer chocolate.

The company also offers a sea salt caramel which is similarly strong having a distinct flavor without overwhelming one’s palate with the added layer of complexity. Where the tendency of many confectionery companies are to go overboard with the salt content, Annie B’s lightly salts the caramel to provide umami.  Annie B’s has a number of different products that they offer; further details and pricing information are all readily accessible on the main website. An additional set of social media profiles are great for anyone that is looking to find out about specials or new products that the company may be offering. The caramel tin that we received from Annie B’s retails for $30 (plus applicable shipping).

Annie B’s Caramels / $30 / https://www.anniebs.com/ / http://www.facebook.com/AnnieBBBB / https://twitter.com/AnnieBBBB

Annie B's Caramels

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