Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Roam Ropes Wireless Headphones

Steven Lamar was one of the individuals on the ground floor when the Beats By Dre headphones were changing the world, and he has lent his influence to a new product, the Roam Ropes Wireless Headphones. We are pleased to report that the Roam Ropes are well worth their $299 list price. The economics of the earbuds are considerable meaning that there is a great fit in an individual’s ears without losing anything in the way of audio quality. We tested the Roam Ropes through the replay of a number of styles of music and vocal delivery. When the music is very busy hands heavy the tendency of cheaper headphones and headsets is the go and make a muddy reproduction. With this set of Roam Ropes, each drum hit and guitar lick are reproduced wonderfully. In the same fashion, spoken word is given a sort of clarity that is typically only present when one has a pricey home stereo setup.  The unique hook to the Roam Ropes headphones has to be the application that one can install on their phone; by providing purchasers with the ability to set their EQ levels to their own desires, one will be able to have a level of specification that is unheard of when it comes to portable headphones.

When playing an audiobook or other spirited vocal documentary, the crispness of the voice was unparalleled. The Roam Ropes are able to sync to compatible devices via Bluetooth, further making them a must-buy as the coupling process is easy and does not drain the device’s battery to any substantive degree. With the lightest of weights on listener’s ears one should be assured that they could continue to listen to the Roam Ropes for hours on end. Right now it looks like the earbuds are only available from the company website while one should be relatively confident start to be sold on other services pick them up today. A special orange version of the Roam Ropes is available, providing a much-needed donation to the Stand Up to Cancer charity.

Rating 9.0/10

Roam Ropes Wireless Headphones / http://roamwith.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/RoamWith / https://twitter.com/ROAMwith

Roam Ropes Wireless Headphones

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