Friday, August 5, 2016

Cult Hero Slot Machine Games to Play Online

Superheroes have been the models of moral integrity we’ve all tried looking up to and an incredible source of inspiration to anything from graphic artists and film directors to game manufactures. But in recent years, as the popularity of the online casino became ever-expanding, superheroes once again found a new realm to conquer – slot games.

The superhero theme has been often picked up by major casino game developers and they can now be easily found both as free trial games or played “full-throttle” in places like these real money Microgaming AU casinos.

The primary reason for the interest in superhero themes is probably the fact that both slot games and cult heroes are an amazing source of entertainment when enjoyed individually, but when they are combined they make up for a thrilling experience that speaks both to the comic book geek but also the gambler lurking somewhere within. If you don’t believe it, just check out these cult slots and you’ll see how hard it will be to stop “spinning”.


 “X Men” – Playtech

Ok, before the X Men universe travelled back in time to bring us the character versions we have today, the only X Men we looked up to on the big screen were the 2000 versions played by Jackman, Stewart and McKellen. Well, Playtech’s slot is built on that version of the universe, with characters symbols closely resembling the Wolverine, Magneto, and Prof. X we saw in the film.

Apart from its characters, the slot also has several exciting features, like the X-feature, where you’ll get multipliers when the heroes form an X-shape on the slot, but also the Free Games bonus where you can play the Villain or the Hero, with each level bringing you a different set of rewards. And if that’s not enough, you can find 4 different progressive jackpots that accumulate on a daily basis.

“Captain America – The First Avenger” – Playtech

If you want to get your daily dose of red-white-and-blue or help the Cap take down Hydra, then look no further than this Playtech slot. Captain America – The First Avenger is only one in a series of Marvel Slots, and the only one featuring only the Cap. The slot has 5-reels and it’s full of symbols you would expect from the franchise, like Iron Crosses, the Hydra logo, Cap’s old shield and new one, Bucky as well as Super Soldier name tags. And even though the game might not have the progressive jackpots or exciting bonus levels found in other superhero slots, it stays very faithful to the franchise and offers the same clean and simple charm the original movie had.Robocop

“Robocop” – Electracade

There can be no discussion about cult superheroes without Robocop. Despite the latter ridiculous attempts at sequels and reboots, the 1987 film will forever be enshrined in superhero film history as one of the most brutal, original and visually inspiring films ever made. If you were ever a fan of the first movie, this Electracade slot game will bring back the nostalgic love for Murphy’s saga.

Robocop is a 5-reeled slot set against the backdrop of Detroit and full of the classic symbols of the movie, like the Robo-gun, the car, the OCP and Delta city symbols, the OCP building and even an uniformed Lewis. There are also two bonus levels: the Delta City Jackpot where you can get bonus money each time a Delta City symbol lands on your reel and the Assault on OCP bonus level where you’ll have to shoot through a crowd of OCP cops to win prizes. What more do you need out of a Robocop slot?

“Superman” – Cryptologic

The son of Krypton now rules over the casino world as well in this comic book inspired slot from Cryptologic. Unlike the other names on this list, this slot game isn’t based on the movies but on the comic representations of Superman.

The Superman slot is a 5-reeled slot game licensed by DC, and it’s full of Superman imagery, like the logo, the Kryptonite, Clark’s glasses, Lois Lane, and the Daily Planet spinning globe, among other things. In line with the theme, the bonus level is called Save the World, and once you enter it you will have to fight off a torrent of meteors and missiles, winning money with each hit. Once you finish saving the planet, you will then have to choose out of three doors and find Lex or the Kryptonite to finish or win the game.

“The Dark Knight” – Microgaming

Fans of the Nolan trilogy will love this Microgaming slot full of characters from the epic masterpiece. The Dark Knight Slot has 5 reels, where you will find the faces of Harvey Dent, Commissioner Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Rachel, and the Joker, but you will also see cut-scenes from the movie and have Batman and Joker randomly jump out of the screen to reward you with prizes. The slot also has free spins and multiplier increases, but real gamers will mostly love it for its whopping progressive jackpot which increases each day. Dark, eerie and thrilling, the Dark Knight is a must for any cult slot fan.


Cult Hero Slot Machine Games to Play Online

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