Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Over It by Maddy Ruff | Review

Hollow is the first track on New York City-native Maddy Ruff’s latest release, Over It. A down and dirty funk groove and vibrant set of vocals inspires listeners to focus on It’s Alright With Me. The shuffling, instrument-heavy opening to It’s Alright With Me provides proper highlighting of Ruff’s vocals. The effort spins out to a mid-1970s Motown meets modern jazz sound. The smoky production of the track allows these wide-reaching elements to be collected under one umbrella. While there are distinct sections here, the ability of the band is such that a cohesive and coherent sound will greet listeners.

Spinning is a track that is complex and dense; fans will have to sit down and pay undivided attention to ruff during this composition. Utilizing difficult time signatures and incorporating a wide array of arena rock, ska, and singer-songwriter styles, Ruff boldly forges forth with her own unique approach to things.

Over It is built off a bass/vocal dynamic that gradually incorporates other elements of Maddy’s backing band to move into an eclectic form of rock with enough soul to stand up to repeat spins.

It’s You is a funky, fun sort of pop music that showcases the powerful vocals of Maddy. These vocals are bolstered through a taut set of instruments, which will impress with soaring synths and splashy drums. While Maddy is able to succeed with her unique take on pop music, the raw passion that comes through during Over It will impress fans of jazz, blues, and rock music; the cross-over of It’s You and the disc’s final effort, Close the Door, cannot be denied.

Maddy Ruff’s Over It is available on iTunes and CDBaby.

Top Tracks: Close the Door, It’s Alright With Me

Rating: 8.7/10

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Over It by Maddy Ruff | Review

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