Monday, September 29, 2014

Alvin Harrison, The 99 EP Review

Rough Times in America is a soulful track that resounds loudly even after the track ceases. A smart production allows each constituent element of the track to shine, meaning that the bass, drums, and multiple vocals are provided with ample opportunity to shine separately and as a contributing element. The track is a call to action, building off of the work of artists like Phil Ochs and USA For Africa. The track’s melodies and vocals will tattoo themselves deep into the minds and hearts of anyone listening in, a quality that is equally present in We Ain’t Buyin’ and Do You Wanna Go.


We Ain’t Buyin’ has a two-part vocal harmony that expands upon the gospel style while putting forth a very pop friendly sound. The on-point percussive elements highlight these vocals and provide a very insistent and driving beat to the composition. Do You Wanna Go has a considerably different style than Rough Times in America, changing the pop elements for a much more rough-hewn and guitar laden style. The grit of the vocals are a perfect counterpoint to the electronic elements, making for a very complex and intricate composition. Listeners will need to listen to the cut a number of times to hear every twist and turn that Harrison has placed into this composition. Make sure to check out the Rough Times in America Facebook for the latest news and information about this act. For music with a message, Alvin Harrison / The 99 creates some of the best hard-nose and unrepentant protest music that we have had the chance to review this year.

Top Tracks: Do You Wanna Go, We Ain’t Buyin’

Rating: 8.4/10

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