Monday, September 15, 2014

Blind Lemon Pledge Evangeline CD Review

Evangeline is Blind Lemon Pledge’s latest album, and captures a wide variety of styles and approaches over the album’s 10 tracks. Buley’s Farm is a very emotive and authoritative track that touches upon a much earlier blues and folk tradition. Each constituent element that contributes to this track (stomping, guitar, harmonica) is on-point. The multiple vocal harmony provides considerable energy to this track, ensuring that listeners stick with Evangeline. Jennie Bell is a more straight-forward track that would do well on alternative rotation; the dulcet tones of BLP’s vocals here are pushed to a higher plateau with deftly-crafted guitar lines. The production present during this track allows for a close and cozy feel to wash over listeners.


Go Jump the Willie is a blend of doo-wop and rockabilly, settling in quite nicely to a fifties sound. The guitar work is immaculate, dovetailing nicely to the jazz-infused piano; the dynamic between the vocals, piano, guitar, and drums here makes for a very dense and complex track that will require multiple listens to properly get everything that is happening.

How Can I Still Love You is one of Evangeline’s longest tracks, a decision that allows all of BLP’s band ample opportunity to shine. The soulful R&B that issues forth when one listens to this track is honest and absolutely effecting, sticking around long after the track concludes. You Had Me at Goodbye is a solid late-disc inclusion, keeping the overall spirit of the disc high as the title begins to spin to a close. Evangeline is available at CDBaby and iTunes. Visit BLP’s website for more information about Evangeline and the rest of his discography.

Top Tracks: Go Jump the Willie, How Can I Still Love You

Rating: 8.7/10

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