Wednesday, September 10, 2014


There are a number of contributions to the overall Oktoberfest zeitgeist that are little more than strongly-flavored lagers. It was surprising to me that we were able to find a tasty, fulfilling Oktoberfest-themed beer in SanTan’s current seasonal. The beer is 5.5% ABV, possesses a very reddish / orange coloration and a small amount of off-white to tannish head that keeps a steady lace down the glass. The beer has a very heavy toasted, smoked malt flavor that sets it off from other beers in the style. A cereal, grain heavy nose emanates from the beer, which will surprise imbibers with a much sweeter flavor with the initial sip. The beer’s bold flavors become muted at later sips, but the overall flavor profile is something that pairs nicely with fish, beef, and chicken – this is a hearty beer that will wash down even the strongest flavors.


SanTan’s Oktoberfest is a seasonal effort, so make sure to locateyour local beer store and ensure you can pick this up before the season ceases. Make sure to hit up the SanTan website for more information bout the constituent elements of Oktoberfest as well as further information about their year-round and seasonal lines.

Rating: 8.3/10

Oktoberfest / 5.5% ABV / SanTan Brewing Company /