Saturday, June 13, 2015

John Tomaino One Bit Less of Me Single Review

One Bit Less of Me is the latest track from Melbourne’s John Tomaino, and the track immediately hits listeners with an amalgamation of traditional and futuristic elements. Coming forth with a delightful rising and falling action, this new track will immediately draw the attention of anyone that may be listening in.


The harmonies that Tomaino establishes with his vocals add further depth to the composition. The effort takes equal amounts late-sixties rock and orchestral seventies pop, creating something that is wholly unique as it draws upon these earlier traditions. The usage of echo during this cut creates an otherworldly sound. One Bit Less of Me will resound loudly in listeners’ minds and hearts long after the track ceases, with the vocal and instrumental sides creating something that is greater than the constituent elements would indicate. The production establishes a close and comfy spirit to the track, eliciting a sense that listeners are present as each note is committed to the recording. This taut composition has a number of things happening at any point, but the deft hands of Tomaino are able to corral these wild horses into an orderly composition.


The track may only reach the three minute mark, but Tomaino’s ability is such that fans will have to spin One Bit Less of Me a number of times before hearing every twists and turn that is been placed into the track. For more information about Tomaino’s music and samples of his latest songs, visit his ReverbNation and Facebook profiles. We have covered Tomaino in the past; visit our coverage of Pain Relief and Wanted Man.

Rating: 8.3/10

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