Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rodney Patterson Feature

Rodney Patterson is a unique performer that has taken on a wide variety of genres during his career. The ability that he showcases in his music means that ambient, jazz, and R&B-themed tracks are commonplace. In fact, the only thing that listeners can be sure of when they sit down with a new Patterson track is that the arrangements will be tight and the music fun. The spontaneity that is discernible in tracks like Just Relax separates Patterson from other performers garnering radio play.

Love > Fear, Patterson’s 2012 full-length album is a good place to start for individuals looking to familiarize themselves with this performer. Desire to Love is an emotive piano-led track that tells more with Patterson’s composition than performers can do with vocal and instrumental efforts. Memory Lane showcases the highs and lows achievable by Rodney, while the complex instrumentation that is commonplace during the ultimate track Destination to Perfection (Version 2) will require a number of listens before fans can hear every twist and turn that Patterson has included onto the composition.

Just Relax is Patterson’s best known track due to the sheer density and wide-reaching spirit that it possesses. At any second, there are so many things happening – sultry horns, impeccable percussion, and a rich blues, funk, and jazz groove that reaches prominence at points. Continue listening and a more Spanish-themed bit of guitar dominates; the track may only be four and a half minutes but the space that it will occupy in listener’s minds and hearts is considerably greater.


For those that wish to hear samples of Patterson’s music, his CDBaby has bits and pieces from Love > Fear as well as Just Relax. For the latest in information about Rodney, give his Youtube or Facebook  a spin. Here’s to hoping that Rodney is able to bring out a few more singles this year to tie together his discography; the timeless compositions that fans have already been treated to already represent a stellar collection of styles, genres, and approaches. Patterson’s music would be perfect for any fans of classical, jazz, blues, funk, or soul music; there is an allure to what Rodney has laid down in efforts like Just Relax that will speak to anyone fortunate enough to listen in.