Saturday, June 20, 2015

Novembers Doom Vocalist Announces Nerd-tastic T-Shirt Company INKOGNEETO

NOVEMBERS DOOM vocalist Paul Kuhr in partnership with Nikki Miller is proud to announce the launch of INKOGNEETO, a T-Shirt company for the nerd in all of us. 

Kuhr released the following statement about the new business.

In early 2015 a nerdgasmic idea was born between Nikki Miller and Paul Kuhr, to make great T-Shirts for the inner nerd in all of us. We’re all fans of Science Fiction, Television, Movies, Comic Heroes and their Villains, and most importantly, parody of all the above. Your inner hero needs a costume. We make Tees for your alter ego.

The goal is very simple. We want you to nerd out with us. When you wear one of our designs, we want random strangers to see your awesomeness, be jealous they don’t own one, and point it out with a passing mention of “Cool shirt!”With our bad ass designs we feel we can easily achieve this.

Offering shirts for a limited time allows us to constantly bring new, exciting, trending and timely designs hitting the pop culture nerdiness that we all love.

Our designs are awesome, but we know there are others who have ideas we don’t. Artists can submit their designs to the site, and if we choose their image, they will be paid as well.

Being no stranger to T-Shirts, Paul Kuhr is a founding member and vocalist for Chicago’s Dark Metal band, Novembers Doom. Over the years, he has designed the bands merchandise and has worked in the design and printing industry for over 2 decades.

When you’re not watching TV, movies or reading, what are you doing? Listening to music! INKOGNEETO currently has a “Featured Band”section. Now, tell me we didn’t just tickle all of your pickles? Here, we offer officially licensed band merchandise for a limited time, working closely with the band, and not management or record labels. We make sure the ARTIST is supported and taken care of. Unheard of in the music industry, we’re all about artists helping artists.