Monday, June 22, 2015

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO SEVEN Gaming Headset

The gulf in quality between the best and the most lacking headphones available for the Xbox One is considerable. The Ear Force XO SEVEN gaming headsets by Turtle Beach represent the high end of the spectrum, marrying an approachable price point ($100-150) to a rugged build and large amount of functions. The audio produced by the 50mm Neodymium drivers allow for faithful reproduction of the highs and lows. Voices (whether in-game or player responses) are audible and capture the high and low sides of things. The ability of the headset to produce a large number of sounds and keep them separate no matter how busy things get is perhaps the strongest check in support for the XO SEVENs.


This audio is bolstered through form-fitting foam cups, which bock out outside/environmental noise. In the same fashion, these cups allow players to turn up the volume without irritating other players in the room. The design of these pads ensures that players will be able to take on marathon sessions without succumbing to ear pain.

The XO SEVENs work perfectly with the chat on the Xbox One, meaning that one will be able to issue commands and coordinate movements without worrying about anything more than the server lag. The wireless connection of the XO SEVENs pairs easily without breaking the signal.

For those that wish to further personalize their XO SEVENs, Turtle Beach offers a variety of different speaker plates which are a breeze to replace. Make sure to update your controller’s firmware to ensure the best possible replay for the XO SEVENs; the update process is similarly easy, as owners will need to plug in the device to the headset adapter for the controller. With a small learning curve and amazing sound quality, the headphones would be a perfect birthday or holiday gift for the favorite gamer in your family.

Rating: 9.0/10

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