Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summertime Wheat (Rahr & Sons)

Summertime Wheat from Fort Worthy’s Rahr & Sons brewery is a hazy yellow beer that has a small amount of white head. This haze is due to Rahr & Sons’ decision to leave the brew unfiltered, which gives a different mouth feel and considerably denser flavor profile than filtered products. The beer has a nose not unlike that of a hefeweizen, with bits of citrus and clove that can be discerned. Rahr’s Summertime Wheat has a small amount of bitterness that is immediately evident before the more sugar and fruit sides shine. This seasonal is perfect for the warming months of the early summer, having more than enough in the way of twists and turns present that one will be able to stick with a sixer over the course of the night.SummertimeWheatBody

Whether paired with burgers, chicken, or as a palette refresher for stronger-flavored fare (Mexican, Indian, Thai), the Summertime Wheat is able to add a further level of complexity. While there are a number of bold flavors that can be pulled out from each sip, the beer never loses its ability to quench one’s thirst. Instead of continuing with the sweet-forward flavors that were immediately present, the tack that Summertime Wheat takes in the second half of the bottle balances hops and grain into something that will go down easily.

The Summertime Wheat warms up nicely, with greater malt overtones present as the beer approaches room temperature. For more information about the full range of Rahr & Sons efforts, visit their domain; additional news about events, beer tastings and the like can be located on their social media profiles. The Summertime Wheat is one of the first airy yet flavorful, fruity and wheaty beers that we have received and represents a high hurdle for later efforts to jump.

Rating: 8.9/10

Summertime Wheat / Rahr & Sons / 6.0% ABV / 19 IBU / rahrbrewing.com/ / www.facebook.com/rahrbrewing