Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Alaskan Stout Review


For those that have access to the Alaskan Stout, they should immediately search out a bottle. This is due to the smooth mouthfeel, absolutely dark color ,and full head that pours from each beer. The slightly heavier ABV (5.7%) allows for a hint of burn to moderate the coffee and caramel flavors that are present.

With subsequent sips, bits of smoke and toasted malt become evident. Makes the beer experience a complete one; the different twists and turns that the beer makes for a slightly different experience each time that one cracks open a bottle. The light about of carbonation The allure of the Alaskan Stout comes in its ease to drink. Rather than tasting watery (as a number of popular stouts do), the Alaskan Stout has a substantial body.

However thick and fulfilling the beer may be, I feel that the effort works perfectly in the warmer months. Pair the beer with a steak for the holiday, or keep a few back for those late-night get-togethers, and one will be absolutely blown away by Alaskan Stout. This is one of their year-round efforts, and will appease any fan of stouts or of solidly-created and crafted beers.

Rating: 9.0/10

Alaskan Stout Review / Alaskan Brewing Company / 5.7% ABV / www.alaskanbeer.com/our-brew/year-round-beers/stout.html

Alaskan Stout Review

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