Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Paleo Protein Review


For those that have sensitivities to gluten or lactose, the Paleo Protein utilizes both egg whites and beef as protein sources. The calorie content (110) per 29.4 gram scoop provides the energy that individuals will need after a workout, while lacking fat (0g), sugars (0g), and small amounts of cholesterol (35mg, 12% RDV) and carbs (8 grams). This means that those supplementing with Paleo Protein will get some of the healthiest and most beneficial shakes out of each Paleo Protein bottle.


The Vanilla Almond flavoring of the protein is distinct from other efforts out there; I feel that there is a rich creaminess that is miles above competitor’s offerings.  The Triple Chocolate flavor provides a much-needed revamp to a common flavor. Shakes utilizing the Triple Chocolate will have a rich and full chocolate flavor alongside any other additional. Both flavors of Paleo Proteins are highlighted through an eminently impressive miscibility; a few seconds in a shaker cup and one will have a uniform shake. Protein is a vital part of those dieting or looking to make gains in muscle, and Paleo Protein is some of the best protein that we have had the chance to review.

Look for Paleo Protein at your local supplement store or at any reputable online retailers; a 1.82 pound bottle (28 servings) can be purchased for around $33-40. For additional benefit, supplement the Paleo Protein with other supplements, including Dopamite or MYO-X. Check out the MHP website (mhpstrong.com) for nutrition information, a listing of current products, and further news about upcoming products.

Rating: 9.2/10

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Paleo Protein Review

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