Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lenka Shadows CD Review

Shadows begins with Nothing Here but Love, a track that blends sedate and emotive instrumentation with an utterly memorable set of vocals. The dreamy nature of the track sets the stage for subsequent tracks; Faster with You continues this trend with a slight bit of electronic instrumentation. Floating between pop, EDM, and influences including Jewel and Natalie Imbruglia, Lenka deftly crafts a unique style of music during the first part of Shadows. Honeybee is the mid-point of Shadows and reaches the longest length of any track on this album. The additional time allows Lenka to provide some of the most effecting narrative, while the guitar lays down a delightful and supporting line throughout.


The Top of Memory Lane concludes Shadows, and keeps faithful to the approach that Lenka initiated Shadows with. Hints of The Las and Natalie Cole can be heard through the hazy, slower-tempoed arrangements. The work can be enjoyed in a single or album-wide format, and precisely what listeners may taken from Shadows is dependent on the method in which they approach the title.

Purchase a copy of Shadows from a well-stocked physical music store or from a variety of music retailers. Visit Lenka’s website (at ) for more information about the performer, photos and videos, and a listing of the live dates that ey will be playing in the months to come. Lenka is poised to make it big; if you have not had a chance to hear any cuts from Shadows, I would strongly suggest you search them out.

Top Tracks: Nothing Here but Love, The Top of Memory Lane

Rating: 8.5/10

Lenka Shadows CD Review / 2013 Skipalong Records / 11 Tracks /

Lenka Shadows CD Review

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