Sunday, July 14, 2013

Iration Automatic CD


Automatic showcases Iration’s own unique take on reggae; hints of 311 and Sublime can be heard even as the band takes a more pensive and even progressive-tinged approach to their music. The production during this introduction will pique listeners’ interests, which the band uses to great effect during Show Me. Show Me is a radio-ready track that looks back to the days of The Police and the second wave of ska. Back Around pushes the vocals to the forefront, allowing Iration to make a play for a wider array of music fans. This Old Song is delightfully soulful, with a laid-back vibe that matches nicely with the lazy, warm days of summer. This track stands for the whole of Automatic, as the band is able to pack in a variety of styles and influences into the efforts’ three and a half minutes.

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Milk and Honey is one of the last tracks on Automatic, and the tempo of the track is precisely what listeners need to keep with the final two efforts. The penultimate track – Undertow – is a trippy track that feels a little heavier than what has been presented so far in Automatic.

Fans that wish to purchase the new Iration disc can do so at a variety of well-stocked independent music stores and through any online music retailer. Check the band out at live dates and bookmark their website for further information; Iration is one of the most exciting and genre-bending bands that we have had the chance to review so far this year.

Top Tracks: This Old Song, Milk and Honey

Rating: 8.2/10


Iration Automatic CD Review / 2013 / 16 Songs /

Iration Automatic CD

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