Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rogue Wallet Reviewed


Wallets have been utilized for a substantial amount of time, but there have been few upgrades to the square-styled format since it was introduced. Rogue Industries’ Rogue Wallet is one of the best products that we have reviewed in 2013, as the company creates a solid wallet that completely shatters the conceptions that one would have about the oft-gifted accessory. One will immediately see the Rogue Wallet’s biggest change – it has a rounded-off corner.

The RFID shielding of the Rogue Wallet ensures that valuable information (card data) cannot be skimmed or otherwise stolen. There are all the normal spaces in the wallet – a place for your paper cash and cards, along with inner pockets to stash checks, business cards, or small valuables. The company creates a tightness to each pocket that will keep material cosy but still incredibly easy to retrieve. The leather that the company uses is solid, meaning that it will get smooth when it is continued to be used (rather than being cracked or separated into the specific layers.

I like the curved design of the Rogue Wallet, which ensures that it will fit perfectly in an individual’s front or back pockets. By stashing a wallet in the front of your pants, the ability of thieves drastically drops. The Rogue Wallet’s build quality is amazing, meaning that an individual will be able to go and use the Rogue Wallet for years after the initial purchase. Check out the Rogue Wallet website for more information about the wallet and additional products created by the company. Purchase the Rogue Wallet directly from the company.

Rating: 10/10


Rogue Wallet / www.roguewallet.com707661p

Rogue Wallet Reviewed

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