Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blasterjaxx – Faith (The Remixes) Review



The Blasterjaxx boys have been taking the music world by storm, leaving the likes of Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga in the dust. Owing to their huge success world-wide, Blasterjaxx pops out two new remixes of their new hit chart-topper Faith: the Lady Bee Remix as well as the Bassanova & Dirty Herz Remix.

Shaping two distinct yet eerily similar tunes, Blasterjaxx brings in influences from trap, EDM, as well as native South African tunes. The Lady Bee Remix brings epoch-making Lady Bee into a track with a powerful incline to a smooth trap drop culminating in a memorable heavy-paced ending. Characterized by her ability to turn any tack into a unique combination of urban, house and trap, Lady Bee helps bring Blasterjaxx into a new musical era. The track nimbly mixes a smooth tenor voice with a heart pounding electronic drum-beat into a sure-fire club hit. The Bassanova & Dirty Herz Remix brings a much more electro-house feel to it, similar to Blasterjaxx’ original, but is slightly drawn back by a weak second drop, removing a bit of the entrancement. This is quickly recovered by the following buildup to the conclusion, but does create an unforgivable feel to the track. Nonetheless, it is still worth a listen to as it continues to maintain a very strong club presence.

From just these two remixes of the iconic Blasterjaxx single, we can see the myriad of possibilities the group has to offer. If they can continue to mix together tracks with such dexterity, then we can be very positive that we will hear much more of Blasterjaxx and Powerhouse in upcoming news. You should definitely check out the original Faith by Blasterjaxx as well as the two remixes brought to you today!

Top Track: Faith (Lady Bee Remix)

Rating: 7.3/10

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