Thursday, February 13, 2014

Michael Stosic S/T Album Review


Michael Stosic has crafted a unique style of music that is fuelled by a number radio-friendly tracks. Before this album ends, fans of raw musicianship and of intelligent arrangements will find something that they can appreciate. The presence of Backstreet Dancer as the initial effort on this release ensures that listeners can be properly inspired to stick with Stosic’s music from beginning to end. The track deftly weaves together funk, soul, pop, and rock into a fulfilling and interesting package. It is this indefinable quality to Stosic’s music that makes this album such a must-have as listeners will be unable to pinpoint precisely where Michael will go on subsequent efforts.michaelstosic14

Tell Me You Love Me is a bouncy track that refreshes late-seventies and early-eighties pop. Hints of Billy Joel, Chicago, and the Mannfredd Mann Band can be discerned, all while the dulcet tones of Stosic’s vocals keep things light and airy. If You Ever Change Your Mind provides a harder edge to things, with an electronic / human dynamic fueled on by an incredibly dense and detailed instrumentation. Subsequent listens will allow listeners to hear bits and pieces that previously eluded them.

People in Love is the final track on this self-titled effort, and it represents a perfect blend of the blend of influences and styles that were broached throughout the preceding cuts. With all cylinders firing, Stosic is able to create an album that sticks with listeners long after the title concludes. Interested individuals can purchase a copy of this self-titled release from Stosic’s CDBaby ( ), and can located further information and musical samples from Michael’s domain ( ).

Top Tracks: Tell Me You Love Me, If You Ever Change Your Mind, Be Easy Love

Rating: 8.4/10

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