Wednesday, February 12, 2014

G-Thing Beer Review




Magic Hat is a brewery that attempts to shake up beer styles and includes some interesting twists and turns with their efforts. Their G-Thing seasonal is a nice blend between a porter and a winter warmer, with a curveball thrown into the mix – a substantial amount of ginger flavor. The initial earthy tones of the ginger are a mite bit off-putting for those that are expecting a certain flavor profile, but the beer opens up into something very complex and alluring. The color of the pour is a solid brown with lighter hints and the periphery; the head that pours is very small and dissipates quickly from the effervescence of the effort. The beer puts forth a different flavor profile as it continues towarm up; the immediate forward flavor of the ginger fades to allow more of the spice elements to dominate.


Make sure to visit the Magic Hat website for more information about the company, their efforts, and G-Thing; keep in mind that it may be a few months before the G-Thing comes back on the shelves. The beer is a great purchase for those individuals that look to have a substantially different experience with beer with every single bottle that they open.


Rating: 7.0/10


G-Thing / Magic Hat Brewing / 5.7% ABV /