Monday, February 3, 2014

Rewind India Pale Ale


The beer opens with a strong hop nose, and pours with a light, vibrant copper color. There is a small amount of off-white head that is present, while the beer has a solid amount of effervescence that sticks with the beer long after its initial pour. The lacing continues to inch its way down the glass with subsequent sips. Bits of malt and grain can be discerned alongside the hop-forward flavor of Rewind. As the beer continues to warm up, different facets of the effort come to the fore. This means that the hoppiness yields some ground to sweeter elements, which continually keep things interesting no matter where one is at during the bottle.

The 7.0% ABV allows the hop backbone to be further highlighted. The bitterness that is present here works perfectly with the sweet notes that are present. The beer’s fruit notes – citrus, sour apples, and peach – add further variety to the beer’s spirit. Rewind represents an effort that can stick with an imbiber long after they have finished – there are more than enough in the way of twists and turns to keep individuals interested throughout.

Make sure to search out 22 ounce bottles of the Rewind IPA at well-stocked beer stores around you. Visit the New Belgium website for more information about Rewind and the rest of the brewery’s offerings.

Rating: 8.6/10

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