Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tablums Review


The multi-media function that Tablums provide individuals wishing to commemorate a special event is simply unparalleled. The company ties together traditional and contemporary photo technologies in their one of a kind melding of a photo album and a digital rendition of photographs. There are a wide variety of sizes that are available, while the company prides itself on being able to create Tablums in any size that a purchaser could conceivably want. All of the special touches that the company provides individuals on their Tablum provide additional worth. When someone takes the tablet from their Tablum, there is an acrylic cameo that will be visible until the tablet is replaced. The durable design and build quality of each Tablum is such that is can withstand handling and other everyday damage in a fashion that exceeds that of the large photo albums that were de rigeur for so many years.

The company is looking to work with a wide variety of professional photographers and store owners to provide this technology to the masses. Simply put, the Tablums technology is something that represents a perfect purchase for those that are graduating high school, college, or have some sort of major life event (birth, wedding, family reunion). Contact the company at 516-307-949 for more information about the service that they provide, pricing, and examples of the company’s revolutionary new Tablum. Their website ( www.tablums.com ) will provide interested parties with further information about Tablums as well as a graphical representation of what one would likely expect should they commission a Tablum for their special event.

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