Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jason Mark Yates Feature Article

Jason mark

Reachin Out is a heartfelt and softly-spoken track that will allow listeners ample opportunity to familiarize themselves with Jason Mark Yates. The drums really shine during this track to provide further gravitas to this recording, while Yates’ vocals are haunting. The ease of understanding what is going on during this single will endear fans to Yates’s music, while the smart instrumentation will ensure that they are on the edges of their seats. Curse The Moon keeps the strong percussive element to things, while there is a classic (50s crooner, 60s beach music) approach that Yates takes with this tracks. No matter how vintage of influences that Yates utilizes during his tracks, there is a current and contemporary feel to each song that will make it easy for fans of all ages to appreciate precisely what is going on. The guitar work is a particular high point during Curse The Moon, granting Yates’ overall sound a much more varied and nuanced feeling.

A Chance to Live takes on hints of John Denver, Elton John, and early Billy Joel. The tender guitar work interacts with an emotive bass line to firmly seat this song in the Warren Zevon /Jackson Browne side of things. The track elicits warm nights under the stars, and it is this common experience that will make Yates’ musicianship so attractive to the widest subset of fans. Make it appoint to visit his web site at for samples of his music, a biography, and the latest news about Jason Mark Yates. Here’s to hoping he can continue to make this same smart and thought-provoking music that dots his discography.

Top Tracks: Reachin Out, Curse The Moon

Rating: 8.4/10

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