Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hi-Res Beer Review




Hi-Rest pours with absolutely nothing in the way of head, along with a very bronze / gold body. The beer is effervescent, and will immediately yield a nice alcohol burn. While there are notes of hops present here, the 111 IBU level of the Hi-Res will not overwhelm the balanced nature of the effort. Hints of caramel, spice, lemon, and sweet malts can all be discerned within the initial experience with the beer. After each sip, a slight amount of sweetness takes over and allows for individuals’ palettes to be restored. As one continues to drink a Hi-Res, a more earthy and fruity set of flavors bubble to the surface. Hi-Res is an intense effort that is formidable enough to keep individuals fulfilled through the coldest nights, while refreshing enough to provide imbibers with a brief sense of the upcoming spring season.


Hi-Res is a seasonal effort from Sixpoint. Make sure to visit your local (well-stocked) beer store for a chance to purchase a 4 pack (which will likely be around $11-15 for those in the United States), and take a gander at the Sixpoint brewery website for more information about the company’s efforts.


Rating: 9.0/10


Hi-Res / Sixpoint Brewery / 11.1% ABV / www.sixpoint.com