Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Astra Dolphin's Collection

Wait & See has a nice echo that adds considerably to the fullness of the composition, while Watching Over Me (feat. MC Wailer) is our favorite track on the release. It is during this single that Astra Dolphin is able to build upon the style of performers like Stevie Nicks and Cyndi Lauper. A reggae style is promoted here by the presence of MC Wailer to give a wholly different flair to the composition.I’ll Show You has a deliberate, focused sound that is hammered home by Astra’s vocals along with an emphatic bass and on-point percussion. The track rises and falls, taking listeners on a journey that deposits them far from where they began the track.

They Say is a haunting track that builds off of the sun-drenched rock of the 1980s with hints of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Police. The ability of Astra Dolphin to create something so dense and detailed ensures that listeners will have to play each track multiple times before hearing everything that has been secreted away.

Moving On is a track that works due to Astra’s decision to focus on two distinct threads on the song. The more ethereal vocals stand in bold opposition to the more wide and bold instrumental arrangements that play at the bottom of the track.

Never to Be Found has a more upbeat, early 1990s dance sound that keeps things interesting. The track succeeds due to the organic and electronic interactions that are interspersed throughout. The arrangements are beautiful backdrops upon which Astra’s vocals can shine. Astra Dolphin is able to create something unique and interesting with her music, even as a number of these tracks could easily succeed on alternative radio stations.

Top Tracks: Watching Over Me (Featuring Mc Wailer), I’ll Show You

Rating: 8.6/10


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Astra Dolphin's Collection

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