Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Is it Wise to Choose Conical Burr Grinder?

Coffee lovers want to have the best taste of coffee every time they take a cup of coffee. There are a lot of factors that vary the taste and having a conical burr grinder is one of them. Conical burr grinder can help you to have a fresh ground coffee of your choice in your home. Conical burr grinder grinds coffee from coarse to fine according to your requirement. In short, conical burr grounder is one little thing that can totally change the taste of coffee for you every time. Let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of buying a conical burr grinder.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Conical Burr Grinder

For the best understanding, you should know what are the advantages and disadvantages of a conical burr grinder. This will help you to purchase the best burr grinder among many.


  • When grinding, conical burr grinder does not cause any friction. Friction can cause to burn the coffee and the taste of coffee will be ruined. So, if you want the fresh and best taste, then burr grinder is the only choice.

  • The taste of coffee varies after 3 to 10 minutes of grinding because of the process of oxidization. If you will have a burr grinder, then you can enjoy the maximum taste with the cheerful aroma of coffee.

  • For those who are moody in tastes, a burr grinder is a great selection. You can control the size or coffee particles. For example, if you want Turkish coffee or Espresso, then you will need fine ground coffee. Similarly, if you want to make a coffee by the French press, then you will be needing coarse ground coffee. So, if you just consider these features, a conical burr grinder is the top choice for you to have.

  • There is no doubt that conical burr grinders are the best coffee grinders available in stores and markets. The intended users of burr grinder are either true lovers of coffee or shops where they sell ground coffee. This is the reason that manufacturers take it serious while researching and making burr grinders.


  • Very first and well know disadvantage of burr grinders is that they are expensive. If you do not have a budget to buy a conical burr grinder or you do not take the taste very seriously, then you shouldn’t buy a burr grinder. You can just buy ground coffee from stores.

  • In the case you want Espresso, no every burr grinder is capable of grinding the accurate size. There are some specific burr grinders which can fulfil this requirement as you want. For example, Baratza’s product are well known for it.

After reviewing the pros and cons of a burr grinder, you can understand that burr grinders are the perfect bean grinders for flavourful coffee. Before buying any burr grinder, I will suggest you should research a little. There are online stores with reviews sections and ratings. You can research from there and ask from users about which burr grinder can complete your requirements and will work best for you.

Is it Wise to Choose Conical Burr Grinder?

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